This game is awesome but I have some questions about its systems.

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  • I might have missed it in the tutorial or something, but how are specializations assigned? Is it random or based on how you use the soldier?
  • If you lose a country, can you get it back at all?
  • Are maps and enemy units randomly generated (at least to some extent)?

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Specializations are unfortunately totally random. IIRC, one of the devs said during a stream that there's a slight bias to soldier types you have the fewest of.

You cannot regain countries' support after they leave the XCOM program.

I think that all of the maps are hand-crafted but are selected randomly from a large pool. There are definitely a few big set pieces that are occur in multiple maps. In regards to unit placement, I believe there's some randomization to their starting position. Based on the difficulty level you're playing on, the enemy type and number of enemies in a mob changes, too.

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  1. Specializations is random.
  2. Once a country is gone you do not get it back.
  3. Not sure. From what I have seen so far my only guess is that there is a pool of maps and missions.
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I believe they stated there is somewhere around 80 different maps, but like said some set pieces repeat.

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Thanks for the answers, everybody.

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