Time of launch

#1 Posted by ElPolloDiablo (17 posts) -

Does anyone know what time they are going to Launch the game on steam? I am guessing midnight but would it be LA or New York...

#2 Posted by Enns (390 posts) -

This timer was posted on the 2K forum.

#3 Posted by CaLe (4203 posts) -

12am EST I believe.

#4 Posted by ElPolloDiablo (17 posts) -

Perfect! Thanks allot.

#5 Posted by BoG (5387 posts) -

That countdown clock can't be correct. If it is, then I'm not sleeping tonight, because the game will be released at 9 Mountain. YESSSS.

#6 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

anyone else get xcom from amazon? It says it's gonna unlock tonight at 9pm (pst?). Then I'll have to download the file :(

#7 Posted by BaneFireLord (3081 posts) -

I am so glad I don't have classes tomorrow.

#8 Posted by Zuldim (298 posts) -

@BaneFireLord said:

I am so glad I don't have classes tomorrow.

I hate you. So much.

Have fun!

#9 Posted by BoG (5387 posts) -

@BaneFireLord said:

I am so glad I don't have classes tomorrow.

I don't have classes all week. This may be the first time in the history of the universe that the education gods and the gaming gods were in agreement.

#10 Posted by Brodehouse (10467 posts) -

I don't work tomorrow. Yay

#11 Posted by Mister_V (1576 posts) -

I hate you all. We have to wait till Friday for this in the UK :(

#12 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2269 posts) -

I dont think I'll be able to play this until Wednesday. I'm too busy tomorrow to stay up past 1am and I have a test on Wednesday. poop

I guess it's kind of good since if it released at 12am here, I'd be tempted to stay up to try it out, at which point I'd probably get addicted and stay up till 5am which would be bad news bears for tomorrow.

#13 Posted by Bandit_Fox (153 posts) -

@Zuldim: I'll second that. JEALOUS!

#14 Posted by Labman (295 posts) -

It is time...yes?

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