Times when you REALLY should not be playing.

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XCOM is a rare game in that it really punishes you if you're drunk, tired, distracted or stressed. On ironman, it's not unlike being a little out of it and then choosing to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Making that choice can cost lives. Don't do it. Oh, if only XCOM could put you through some kind of roadside test before loading a save.

Does anyone have a story of playing when you're not calm & focused and things going spectacularly bad?


Don't know what compelled me, but I tried to get in a game before work. A landed UFO mission with 20 late-game enemies. Not an easy one and I was in a rush, but fool that I am, I was going to try push through it in under 15 minutes with my B-team.

It went okay at first. Instead of going through the front door, I decide to get all my troops on the roof of the ship with plenty of high cover and open space. I keep scouting from on high, but for 6 turns it's nothing but hidden alien activity & overwatch. Then a muton and berserker shows up below, we rain death, and I'm feeling good about my high ground position.

Then next turn, a cyberdisc shows up, I'm unable to take off his last HP and then everything goes pear shaped. He shoots, misses and in one fell swoop destroys the giant block of high cover around me, and makes a huge hole in the floor. Almost every alien in the ship spots me from below and in one turn I'm surrounded on all sides with crappy cover. An Ethereal on the right of me, a sectopod across the gap (they can apparently climb ladders?), 6 floaters above, 4 elites shooting from below, and the cyberdisk hanging back and shooting yellow death lasers.

Now I really have to head out for work, but I can't leave things like this. So after a few valiant turns, I manage to kill all but one floater still on mind-control. But the losses are heavy, even after reviving 3 times with medkits. Could have went worse, but I left for work late and still feeling regret. XCOM is not to be underestimated.

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While no story comes to mind right now, I do recommend not playing whole angry either. I was playing for about two hours once and I just got back from a rather hard mission. Not wanting to put the game down I start scanning for more missions thinking "one more mission won't hurt." I was wrong. A few in game days go by and finally I come across another crashed UFO, it's go time. The begining of the mission wasn't that bad but I was still in a bad mood over how the last mission turned out so I was rushing a bit. That's when things go wrong. I enter the ship and as soon as I do, bam, two sectoid

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Commanders and an bunch of muton elites get me. I manage to fight them off but it was bad, real bad. Also sorry about the double post. I'm on the Mobil site.

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I was playing it in class one day. That was a mistake on several levels.

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After having two elites and a berserker teleport right in the midst of my troops, I decided that now was a good time to start drinking.

No one died that mission. The next few went less then perfect.

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@mason said:

a sectopod across the gap (they can apparently climb ladders?)

That reminds me, last night I was playing an abduction mission on one of the city streets and corner store style shop building (single level and accessible roof) map. I spotted a larger group of enemies including a couple berserkers. Seeking to remove the berserkers as an immediate threat, I relocated all nearby soldiers to the roof. All went well, all enemies duly dispatched save for one berserker. I see him run to the rear of the building but then lose sight of him due to the camera angle. I thought maybe he went inside the building. Spun the camera around to check and there he was, halfway up the wall of the building and apparently stuck there. :D

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@Akeldama said:

I was playing it in class one day. That was a mistake on several levels.


*cue everyone in class looking at you*

"Uh.. my computer crashed.."

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@murisan said:

@Akeldama said:

I was playing it in class one day. That was a mistake on several levels.


*cue everyone in class looking at you*

"Uh.. my computer crashed.."

It is eerie how accurate that was...

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