Who is looking forward to having fun in this game

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#1 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

I know i am. cant wait to stick it to those alien bastards again :-)

Also its going to be a cool experience to play classic mode iron man. That is unless my memorial has 100+ names on it lol.

#2 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -

I pre-ordered this game a couple of days ago. I'm pretty stocked to play it.

#3 Posted by Village_Guy (2792 posts) -

Of course I am, I can't wait to royally screw up and doom the entire earth on Iron Man :D

#4 Posted by BeachThunder (13298 posts) -

I'm looking forward to the game being brutally oppressive...then researching enough alien technology for the tables to turn and getting revenge on aforementioned aliens.

#5 Posted by Christoffer (2099 posts) -

I'm always looking forward to having fun.

I think this game will be really adictive and a dangerously deep time sink for me. Hopefully the multiplayer will be equally fun. Can't wait to try it out.

And to think Sim City is coming out soon-ish too. Oh, great endless PC games, the bane of my existence

#6 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1396 posts) -

I'm not looking forward to having fun with XCOM, I hate fun and this game looks like it's plenty fun.

#7 Posted by Freshbandito (700 posts) -

Never! this site must be full of cynicism and overly critical!

The upcoming release got me to check out x-com ufo defense, I hope I'm better at enemy uknown by a large margin or it's going to go terribly...

#8 Edited by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

I will have fun, all of it.

Will be making this face for the entire duration of the game:

#9 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

@Dredlockz: oh ya that face gets me every time during the demo.

#10 Posted by MiniPato (2808 posts) -

@Dredlockz said:

I will have fun, all of it.

Will be making this face for the entire duration of the game:

Oh god! Is that an alien or Mileena from Mortal Kombat?

It's kinda funny how all the positive buzz for this game turned into negativity from some people just days before release. Playing the demo and seeing more of the game just got me excited for it, and I was only passively interested in it. Then again I'm someone who really enjoys Civ V and put tons of hours into it and never played a Civ game in my life. So maybe I'm the casual strategy gamer that fans blame for making Firaxis games casual.

#11 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

Honestly i cant wait to see my squad panic and watching the chaos unfold before me. Also i am glad to see a topic with know cynicism and just people that want to have fun.

Any how im also excited about the multi player im thinking that will be a silent strong point of this game.

#12 Posted by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@MiniPato: Yep, im thrilled as well, things like that chicks face make me love the game more. I like to think that someone made that face real quick and got a bunch of laughs, so they decided to keep it in there.

But probably not, and it will probably be fixed for release? who knows.

#13 Posted by CaLe (4312 posts) -

It's what I'm most looking forward to after very quickly getting bored of both Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. The only problem I envision is that the trademark replayabiltiy of the XCOM series might just not work with me. I tend to play through games once, for the story, and never touch them again. Very few games get me to come back after I finish them. I hope I still have the desire to try harder difficulties, or something like Iron-man mode, after finishing it once. Time will tell.

#14 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

I pre-ordered after watching the quicklook ex. Looks like just what I need at the moment.

#15 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

I want to dig into it's sytems with love and viciousness.

#16 Posted by believer258 (12959 posts) -

Yeah, I would like to play it. It's probably not a day one purchase for me 'cause Dishonored is more my speed (and way more interesting), but I do want to pick this up before the year's end.

#17 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Preordered for the hats, stayed for the gameplay.

#18 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

I am always game for looking forward to fun

#19 Posted by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

Yeah, I like liking stuff. This is a good thread.


(famous last words?)

#20 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

@Dredlockz said:

Yeah, I like liking stuff. This is a good thread.


(famous last words?)

never :-) but even if they do fix the face before launch i will always have the demo. I wonder how long it will take to win on impossible iron man, my wife is going to hate me from October 9th and on hehe !

#21 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

Anyone have any plans for there squad names i think im going to use Kelly's hero's platoon names first, then maybe something more sci fi like characters from the Abyss.

#22 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

I only like game that make me miserable. That's why I have a Mega Man avatar, and I've played VVVVVV for 20 hours on Steam.

In all honesty, I can't wait for this one. Firaxis has officially won me over, and I expect to pour as much time into XCOM as I have into Civilization. As has been stated, I look forward to very tense battles. I can't wait to build up an all star team, and kick some extraterrestrial buttocks. Then, when a member of my A-Team is injured, or bites the plasma bullet, I'll craft a new guy who will step up to the plate. As has been stated, I love the way emotion plays into the game. The fact that soldiers can panic adds a new layer to strategy.

#23 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Shooting a panicked soldier is actually a viable solution to minimize damage to your own team. I'm guessing low willpower = don't hand him your spare grenades.

There is a fatigue system that aims to prevent players from bringing their exact same A TEAM to all the missions. Of course if they've been injured they need to stay behind as well.

#24 Posted by konig_kei (777 posts) -

Can't fucking wait, got bored of borderlands 2 and watching all these xcom videos isnt helping. Oxm has a really good video preview series if anyone is interested.

#25 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Also, snipers can dual wield pistols. :) Neat. Not sure if that means actually not bringing a rifle but eh.. Still neat.

#26 Posted by Loafsmooch (471 posts) -

I think I won't be needing another strategy game for years. Huge fan of the original xcoms, I'm getting all kinds of excited about this game.

Will be playing classic ironman mode.

#27 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

The Quick Look EX got me stoked for it, I look forward to sending dozens of brave soldiers to their deaths at the hands of alien monstrosities.

#28 Edited by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@AbeBroHamLincon said:

Anyone have any plans for there squad names i think im going to use Kelly's hero's platoon names first, then maybe something more sci fi like characters from the Abyss.


#29 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12885 posts) -

I played some original XCOM in order to prepare. I remembered why I had stopped playing that particular playthrough, in that I had accidentally saved myself into a bad situation. Yeah. So then I started up some Apocalypse, was reminded immediately why I never played much Apocalypse, and then I played some Terror from the Deep and had my entire squad killed by an alien grenade the second they exited the craft. And then I was like "eff these games". And then I went back to Borderlands 2.

#30 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

@ArbitraryWater: That's usually how it goes. You can spot the appeal and how cool the games were back then, but now I think it is a matter of what we're used to, and we're used to way more in-game tutorials now and holding of hands long into a game's campaign. I haven't played XCOM on Classic or Impossible so I can't know, but I hope those difficulties present a challenge for whoever wants one. The gameplay can still be fun even though the aliens win and get the council to cancel XCOM's funding. Try again type of scenario.

#31 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

Just preordered and cannot wait to play it.

#32 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (745 posts) -

I'm pretty excited for it. Played the demo a few times before making a decision, but had a good idea the first play through. Pre-ordered it. Seems like it will be fun once it comes out.

#33 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

@Dredlockz: hell ya that way i really feel that time i put in on making the rookie other wise i treat rookies like human shields :-)

#34 Edited by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@AbeBroHamLincon: yeah! I've been thinking about that.

After playing the Demo on the hardest difficulty, it seems that it is literally impossible to not get at least two people dead because of granades. Even if your tactics are impeccable, and they miss all their shots when you're in high cover; A nade will always hit.

So I think that bringing at least two rookies to scout and take the initial aggro, is a must. Naming them seems noble!

#35 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

@Dredlockz: How do you adjust the demo difficulty? And is there anything else tweakable like that?

#36 Posted by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: posted about a demo editor, I tried it out, its pretty simple, just some dropdowns where you pick the types of aliens in the three encounters, your squad size, and the difficulty.

#37 Posted by RUKM (24 posts) -

I am Incredibly psyched I just need a little thing called Cash first.

#38 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

@Dredlockz: cool thanks!

#39 Edited by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: np, I gotta say that normal was way too easy for me, at least for that scenario since it's impossible to get more than two groups at a time. I finished it without getting anyone killed, and the second time without even being hit at all.

It seems that the harder difficulties are extra hard because the aliens' HP goes up to like 20HP and you can't change your squad's HP, so they die in one hit no matter what. In the actual game you'd be rising your squads HP with researched items. So as they get harder, your dudes are also harder to kill.

First group of 2 cyberdisks in the hardest difficulty killed 4 of my guys in their first turn. They place granades perfectly to hit multiple dudes. Its pretty fierce.

#40 Posted by TwoLines (3142 posts) -

Do I wanna have fun? Yes.

#41 Posted by corruptsaves (280 posts) -

I hope the console versions come out alright as it seems like it could be a bit of a glitchy one. But I can't wait to get it, like having a Warhammer 40K table in a box.

#42 Posted by Jace (1136 posts) -

First thing I'm gonna do is 1v1 Jeff.

Rules: Sid only squads :).

#43 Posted by MB (14370 posts) -

The Quick Look EX turned this into a day one purchase for me into a 75% off on Steam purchase. I have plenty to keep me busy until then.

Moderator Online
#44 Posted by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@Jace: Oh nononono no, no, no no, NO!

don't bring that back up :D

#45 Posted by Jace (1136 posts) -

@Dredlockz: Just a joke :).

#46 Edited by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

@Dredlockz: Huh, disabling tutorial mission really screws with the second mission squad and enemies sadly.

#47 Posted by envane (1188 posts) -

i can afford this or dishonored , at least for now .. im torn

#48 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

I plan to be constantly pulling out my hair and screaming at my monitor in frustration. Which in an XCom game means you are having fun!

#49 Posted by Dredlockz (376 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: oh really? weird. I haven't tried that.

#50 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

Xcom is like an old whore that snickers at you when you are naked but you keep coming back every time because she is the only one you can afford. :-)

I think that's why i love xcom so much.

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