So, what's up with this?

#1 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (753 posts) -

When you dash to a meld container, you can't then retrieve it? It seems to be that on your NEXT go, you can hit A/X to pick it up, even though the prompt hangs over your troop saying to collect it? Seems pretty unfair being that if you make the dash out to grab a cannister, you have to wait til your next go, only for it to be 'lost'?

#2 Posted by Kevin2306 (10 posts) -

Yeah, that's a bummer to get there just as it turns off. A "trick" you can sometimes pull off is to activate Run-And-Gun on an assault then dash to it and retrieve it on the same turn.

#3 Posted by Tennmuerti (8520 posts) -

You need to have an action left to activate it. Just like the bombs in bomb missions in vanilla, doors and all other activatable items in the game.

So either just run up to them without dashing or like the dude above me suggested an assault with run&gun. Also supports with faster movement are useful for this, as well as MECs with a fist and/or speed upgrades.

#4 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (753 posts) -

Awesome stuff thanks guys!! I think using the run n' gun will be a great shout! :D

#5 Posted by BisonHero (8658 posts) -

As @tennmuerti says, MELD containers work the exact same way doors work (though I wonder how many people even remember you can "breach" doors instead of just kicking them open as you run through them). It's also the same way that bombs work in those bomb defusal missions.

If you think the way it works is unfair, then I don't think you ever understood how movement/actions worked in XCOM. You have 2 actions. You may:

  • Move, and then attack/use an ability
  • Move, and dash
  • Just attack/use an ability first, which forfeits your move, and results in your staying at the same location
  • MELD containers/opening a door that you're adjacent to/defusing a bomb/activating objects on the map in general is a free action, as long as you have not ended that soldier's turn

If you dashed somewhere, you obviously just ended that soldier's turn, so why would you be able to do anything when the soldier arrives at that location?

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