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Xegony, the Queen of Air
Xegony, the Queen of Air
Xegony was the fourth creation of The Nameless to govern the elements of the universe.  She is tasked with maintaining balance within the element of air.  Xegony's angelic manner and appearance are matched by her most delecate and benevolent ways.  The Queen of Air is also the most mysterious of the elemental gods to the lesser gods of the pantheon, as she has never turned her attention away from the true elements of the universe.  Her purity and tranquility rivals even that of Quellious, while her grace and beauty may only be matched by Tunare.  Xegony's divine elegance cannot properly be expressed by even the most talented poets or artists of the world.


In most lore, Xegony is depicted as an Elf-like, winged woman wearing a short, white dress and shining white hair.  During the Age of Turmoil, the Queen of Air manifested herself as a towering pale-skinned Elf-like woman wearing a trasluscent purple gown with magnificent wings comparable to that of a beautiful butterfly.

Among the Pantheon

The Kingdom of Wind 
The Kingdom of Wind 
Xegony makes her home in the Plane of Air.  Rarely do any mortals worship the Queen of Air, for it is impossible for them to comprehend her true essence and purpose, much like the other elemental gods.  She is one of several gods who have yet to return to the world of Norrath during the Age of Destiny.

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