Attention Canadians + Mexicans intending to pre-order Xenoblade:

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Apparently, when Nintendo said that they were bringing the game to North America (via pre-order only) in April, they were only speaking of the US. They clarified about just what countries a week later: 
There is no exact date or distributor set for Canada yet so we just have to wait to see where exactly we can order it from. Although it is still Spring 2012 so hopefully not long after the US version. It's a good thing I found this out too, I was going to go into Gamestop and pre-order a copy. Now this will prevent me from looking like a uninformed ass. 
For our friends south of the American border, Mexico is getting the game as well!

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Of course we are ... Mexico is part of North America you silly :3

Edit: Ok , I sound like a ungratefull smart ass :/ thanks for the heads up duder

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@Aetheldod: I know lol, I just wasn't sure if people would recognize that they didn't include Canada and Mexico when they say "April 2012". Just wanted to make sure everyone knew because this game NEEDS to sell.
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Maybe if they sold it in a friggin' store, I'd actually impulse buy it like I wanna. But as soon as I got to enter a credit card I start thinking about what else that money can do and that's no good. My rational mind isn't going to let me buy Wii games again haha.

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