Do you ever get a quick travel option in this game?

#1 Posted by Vrikk (1104 posts) -

I have quite a few quests that are in areas that I can't get back to (mainly because they are in past areas that aren't in my current map, so I can't warp to them). I am just curious because I would love to be able to warp back to old areas and take out large monsters that were crushing me before to cash in on those quests.


#2 Posted by VicRattlehead (1417 posts) -

You have to go the menu option that gives you all the areas you have been to not just the map of the area you are in

Press minus on the wiimote and scroll to your left till you get to area maps, select the area you wish to go to and it will show you all the points you can fast travel too, pick your point and away you gooooooo

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