Gamestop is offering $48 dollar trade in on xenoblade.

#1 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

That is a fucking great deal, especially since I do not like this game at all. Hello 3DS and fire emblem.

#2 Posted by TooWalrus (13258 posts) -

I should-

No no no no no- I'm gonna play it... Someday.

#3 Edited by ExplodeMode (852 posts) -

Or just put it on ebay for like $100. That game is worth a lot more than $48.

#4 Posted by Forcen (1863 posts) -

Don't do it man!

#5 Edited by ConfusedOwl (983 posts) -

Or just put it on ebay for like $100. That game is worth a lot more than $48.

Do this. The game is already over $100. You can make way more than $48

#6 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

I bought xenoblade at it's high of everyone saying this is the best game ever, and I fucking hate it. Ebay prices are only like 60 bucks, plus you gotta futz with ebay.

#7 Posted by Bane122 (829 posts) -

eBay prices are definitely higher than $60, that's the way to go.

#8 Posted by ExplodeMode (852 posts) -

Yestedays ebay sold listing prices:

Used $102.50
New $152.75

They are even higher at Amazon. The game is getting pretty valuable. I'm just saying there is a reason that gamestop is offering that much.

#9 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

Hold it. It will be worth thousands of dollars in 10 years or so.

Or not.

#11 Edited by Morningstar (2251 posts) -

I'll keep mine, also it's european. Doubt that has as high a value.

#12 Posted by Kidavenger (3642 posts) -

I haven't unwrapped mine yet, wonder if I should sell it...

#13 Posted by BisonHero (7306 posts) -

I'd really love to know how many people are strolling into a GameStop, asking for this low-print-run, year-and-a-half old JRPG that they somehow expect GameStop to still have copies of. Or maybe GameStop has some other data avenue that led them to realize "Oh shit, we should get copies of this game in stock, even if it means giving $48 trade-in value". OK, I guess it must be other data avenues that told them to do this, but I still don't get it - even if they get a couple used copies in stock, the kind of JRPG afficionado who knows they want this game probably isn't going to think about getting it from a GameStop.

Anyway, it's usually a bad idea to trade stuff in to GameStop, and the only excuse I could see for using it is if you're a minor and your parents absolutely forbid you from using eBay to sell things.

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