Is my game messed up???

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I just beat the game yesterday (awesome game btw) but i have noticed that in my new game plus i am unable to change my skill links. I am at the beginning of the game, just now leaving colony 9 with reyn and shulk, and I want to move skill links around but the options is not there. Do I have to wait till later in the game of is something not right?????

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I thought the option became available during/around Tephra Cave/Bionis Leg but I may be wrong about that. I feel like I remember the tutorial appearing after Shulk's see-the-future ability is introduced as a battle mechanic.

But I haven't finished Xenoblade yet so I can't talk about the New Game + stuff.

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I haven't finished the game and don't know how NG+ works, but I do clearly remember that skill linking was introduced later on (as said, somewhere around Tephra Cave).

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You beat me by a day. Congratulations. Anyway, yea, I'm sure it's going to be introduced later, since I don't remember the Affinity stuff happening immediately.

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Thanks all you were right, as soon as I 1 hit killed the boss at the end of Tephra Cave I got it. It had been a while (70+ hours) so I couldn't remember when I got it.

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