Need some help finding some stuff in game -contains name spoilers

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Don't suppose anyone knows where the "Sturdy Armour" is by any chance? I know its somewhere in Eryth Sea but not sure which monster drops.
Also, anyone know where the Atol Den is in Snowy Mountain?
Thanks for your time.

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I'm really hoping you've got it sorted by now, but briefly:

Sturdy Armor can be found by 1 of 2 of the mechanical looking things that guard some of the floating isles in Eryth Sea (Or in the Tomb?). AFAIK, two island with multiple teleporters have 2 of the mechanical things. Can't recall the name.

Atol Den - while sliding down the ice chute down back into the Nopon camp, jump. The Atol Del is on a ledge just above the lake you land in.

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