Nintendo Has 'No Plans' to Publish Xenoblade In North America, But Hey, Thanks for Asking

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Aww maaaan.

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@HerbieBug said:

@Rolyatkcinmai said:

Nintendo sucks.

Really, they do.

Remember when Nintendo was awesome?

The last console of their's I purchased was the N64. It wasn't the SNES, but it was still okay. Gamecube couldn't compete with the other consoles on the market. I'm not buying a console just for Mario and Zelda. The Wii completely disenfranchised me as a Nintendo fan. Now they've put out a game that I might actually want to play and huzzah, it's not coming out in my region. :/ What happened?

Nothing really, the GC and Xbox was on par but PS 2 dominated that gen

The WII was a smart move to reach out to the much needed casuals ( either them or BS DLC prices and in-game ads) But it was lacking thanks to difficult controls.

And now the Wii-U, if Iwata is to be believed, Nintendo has listened to what fans lacked with the WII and is trying to bring that to WII U, as far the in-house games go they're as good as ever.

On topic though; It really sucks, but business often do, this is nothing new. Besides there is still hope.

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This article was disappointment, then excitement then more disappointment.

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Well, guys, it's time to learn to import games like us old farts have been doing since forever. Or you could continue to throw a fit on the internet and still never play the games you want to play. Either way.

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@alex said:
In other words, "Nope! Run along now!"
That made me chuckle xD
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I heard there's a dolphin that might help some fans out with this problem.

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If you guys really want them why not sign this petition?

May not change anything, but I think the creator can communicate with Nintendo and it can't hurt.

And if they end up bringing them over, you better buy em, people.

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@Kjellm87: ;~; That was a tear jerker bro
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@MuddyDonut said:

@Kjellm87: ;~; That was a tear jerker bro

Yeah, kinda. Sorry. :P The forums makes me a grumpy guy.

Make no mistake, Nintendo have noticed what is going on, there is hope yet.

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In other news, my Wii continues to sit on the shelf, squeezed between a Dreamcast and an HD-DVD drive for the 360.

I'm pretty sure I'll never have to plug it in again, which is strangely comforting.

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I hope they change their mind around on this or at least hurry the WiiU release.  I'm really surprised because at the end of the GC life cycle there were several crazy games (like Odama) that just sortof popped out and were really interesting.  It'd be cool to get a couple games here at the end of the Wii's life cycle to say good bye with...

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Hey, just notice this on their (Nintendo's) job site (I check video game companies job pages, because i want a job in video games, but that isn't the point of this). 
There are 3 new posting from July 1st.  
Contract - Localization Translator (French) 
Contract - Bilingual Localization Editor (Spanish) 
Contract - Localization Translator (Brazilian Portuguese) 
All 3 are for NOA... I hope this means that they might be translating Xenoblades for America, since this grouping of jobs implies that something is getting translated for release in the Americas 

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I think we can all agree that this is our own fault really. We bought into Nintendo's shallow hype-machine, we allowed them to gain momentum they hadn't seen in years, and then, when they got it into their heads that they were bigger than jesus, they left every loyal supporter behind, in support of kiddies and old people. Way to change demographics...bunch of pricks.  The Jimquisition did a great episode on this actually, and I don't often agree with him, but right now, he's absolutely right. Nintendo have no right to withhold a gaming experience, just because they might not make a lot of money. Sales statistics don't lie, Japanese titles sometimes sell better in the US than even Japan, so fuck Nintendo of America. 
I for one suggest a kind of call to arms for people who are sick of Nintendo's treatment of them. Bombard their emails, rate every half-baked rehash title as low as is fairly possible, because if they want to nitpick, why can't we? And something more, organize a mass Wii trade-in event, showing just how much this has pissed us all off. They want to let their console stagnate, fine, we have to show that we don't need it anymore. That is, unless they cave and release the games, which they don't seem to want to actually do.
And most importantly, something that we all have to at least consider, and I know I'll take flak for this, but just consider it: Do not purchase a WiiU. This is important. One shallow hype-machine later and we can see just how little they give a shit about gamers anymore. Feeding into their delusions of grandeur will only solidify their beliefs that they are making all the right calls. We brought this to our doorsteps by never criticizing Nintendo, no matter how many fuck up they made, so now its time to show them that we won't back them if they choose to be dicks about releasing just three games that could extend the life of the Wii. They think the Wii was a godsend, that we should still be praising, and that jumping ship now means that they no longer have to care about it, lets put a stop to them once and for all, shall we?

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