Official Xenoblade Website Open - Spring 2010 in Japan

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Looks like Monado has a new name in Japan. The website is only a teaser page with music right now. 
We still only have a tentative name for NA right now. I wonder if they'll change it to Xenoblade for us as well...

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Hopefully it is the new name in the West.  Xenoblades has a much better ring to it.  Looking forward to it.

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Are we absolutely certain that Monado and Xenoblade are the same game?

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@oldschool said:
" Hopefully it is the new name in the West.  Xenoblades has a much better ring to it.  Looking forward to it. "
But there's only one Xenoblade, and maybe probably Jesus or God or some bullshit lives in it. 
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Is that a screen shot for the game?  If so it looks fucking epic.

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@Hailinel: Yeah, they're the same game.  Look at this:
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Was this thread first, or this one?
Anyway, my responses:


Also, it has gnosticism tendencies like the other Xeno games as the name Monado (from Monad) implied already (look it up).

And yes, it's Monado, the sword on the website's art is the same as the one in the old Monado trailer.
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 I had no idea about this game. Xenogears creator Tetsuya Takahashi is making this. And from listening to the trailer I'm willing to bet that's a Yasunori Mitsuda score, but I can't find confirmation anywhere. Now I have to buy a Wii....

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@Gazel_Ministry: I think it's a safe bet that a lot of people had this game flying low on their radars until the name change.  A new Xeno-game being developed by Takahashi is definitely going to catch more interest than a title with less immediate meaning like Monado.
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@Hailinel: Good point. I just typed Xeno in the search bar and there it was. I would have been oblivious to Monado for quite a while.
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Looks like the new Famitsu issue has a blowout for this game. Fuck I want to see it...

On the cover too... Must be big coverage...

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