Questions for people who have beaten the game (or are close)

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I have a few Xenoblade questions for anyone who's beaten the game (or is at least near the end).

1. Any estimate on how far am I through the game? The time on my profile is about 18 hours, my characters are level 30 and I’m in the Satorl Marsh.

2. Does the game hold the pattern it’s had of “go into big zone, gather quests, explore/do quests for a few hours, go to next zone” for the majority of the game?

3. Is the combat roughly the same throughout the game? For example, does Shulk use Slit Edge + Back Slash the whole game? Basically, how static are the battle tactics?

4. How possible is it to "blitz" through the game? Basically, is it feasible to just go from one story checkpoint to the next, ignoring side quests and exploration, or would you be under-leveled?

Any feedback would be great :)

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1. You've got quite a while to go through the game just yet. It's a fairly long one. I finished at around 70 hrs, didn't do much side-quest stuff.

2. Later areas will have a little less focus on questing and more focus on just getting through it and beat the enemies and bosses, though it does give you other side-quests which you can go back to other places for.

3. In the later Boss fights you'll be using more Monado abilities, makes things a lot more interesting.

4. I wouldn't recommend "blitzing" through this game. Take your time because there are stretches of the game where it can feel very long.

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