Quick Look of this?

#1 Posted by chrisone (43 posts) -

Hey y'all

Do you think the crew here should do a quick look of this game? I know they dont do a lot of wii games, and they also rarely do JRPG's (did they do final fantasy 13?), but i've heard this is kinda good.

What do you think?

#2 Posted by Matoya (416 posts) -

It isn't out in North American. They are North American.

#3 Posted by Captain_Rick (13 posts) -

they are not going to import a game they have no interest in playing

#4 Posted by VicRattlehead (1400 posts) -

jeff said one of the engineers gave them the japanese version to look at a few weeks ago and it looked to crazy for them so they skipped it

game is awesome though

#5 Posted by alternate (2722 posts) -

If they were in to RPGs they might import a UK/EU copy - but then you have the hassle of getting it to work with their US Wii and as it is as yet still not coming out in the US you are aiming at a very small audience.

#6 Posted by rubberluffy (484 posts) -

Watched my friend play for a few hours last night.  I was amazed at the sheer size of it.  Really wanna play it for myself now.

#7 Posted by Kucheeky (263 posts) -

Well, I think Vinny could be somewhat interested in this game.. but like others have said, it's unlikely that they'd import an EU copy just to do a Quick Look.

#8 Posted by Sunjammer (931 posts) -

Site doesn't strike me as very JRPG-friendly anyway. But the game definitely deserves some real coverage. I can't recommend that game enough.

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