Skill Links: How do I do them?

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OK, well, I know how to do them. I did read the tutorials, after all. But after nearly thirty hours, I still haven't actually spent any of my affinity coins on skill links, and I don't know if I've gotten as far as I have without them because of lack of necessity or bullheadedness or what have you.

So I should probably start getting some Skill Links going. Any advice for someone that has more affinity coins than he knows what to do with?

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You can get by without using them as the game is pretty easy honestly. Just use the ones that seem obvious. For example one of the characters (Melia iirc?) has increased agility, that is excellent to link to Dunban. Riki/Melia both have increased strength based on the time of day, I have Shulk using both of those so I don't have to manage time much. The only thing I will note is don't worry too much about filling up every single spot on the skill link screen. Assuming you've increased your relationships at all you probably don't have enough coins to fill in every slot so just grab the most obvious ones.

Also you don't actually "spend" them, they are more of just a limit to stop you from filling in every slot immediately. If you remove one you get the cost back so you can experiment with them to your hearts desire.

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@Zenaxzd: I see. Thanks!

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Every time I see the word "Shulk" I immediately think of She-Hulk... even when I'm playing Xenoblade.

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@StarvingGamer said:

Every time I see the word "Shulk" I immediately think of She-Hulk... even when I'm playing Xenoblade.

I did too, until I started playing the game. Shulk isn't a bad protagonist at all.

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