The amount of UK in the U.S. release is actually pretty awesome.

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@murisan said:

@rubberluffy: Hell yes. I don't know the voice actors, but the Japanese VO is miles ahead of the english. I wish all JRPGs had the option of subbed gameplay.

I've really wondered this for the longest time but... how do you KNOW the Japanese is better? Do you mean you enjoy it more because you can't understand it and therefore it can't bother you. Or are you actually critiquing acting when you don't know what they're saying? Or do you speak Japanese!? I've never understood this.

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I can't stand the English VO. It reminds me of Zoe Castillo's god awful performance in Dreamfall...nearly spoilt that game for me.

Also, the amount of shouting, hollering, jeering & other loud noises going on during combat is off-putting (in either language available).

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@Sooty said:

The only correct English is Space British.

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Okay, after a few hours I'm officially done with the English voice over... it's fucking terrible. Rayn or whatever sounds like Ron fucking Weasley and I can't get over that. Every time he yells about Bone Upper in combat I cringe.

The Japanese voice job is surprisingly tolerable, they're usually pretty terrible.

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@EuanDewar said:

Speaking as an Englishman the accents I heard in the QL were completely grating for me. Not exotic, just exaggerated wankery but I suppose that's why it works in the US, play into the expectation rather than the reality. Ya get me BLUD?

Honestly, the worst English dub is far better than the average American anime dub.

That's not always true.  Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell (all of them) say hi.   They would be fucking apocryphal in British English.
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What a bunch of jokers

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