What do you guys think of the soundtrack?

#1 Posted by RainVillain (726 posts) -

Personally I'm enjoying it but nothing has really jumped out at me yet. The Shimomura tracks have that nice KH rhythm to them, which is nice, and in general the ACe+ are, uh, pretty ace. Though I suppose Shimomura's title piano theme is my favourite right now of the lot.

I'm on the fence about whether to purchase this album or not. It's all very nice but nothing really resonates with me very strongly yet. What do you guys think of it and what's your fave track?

#2 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

I'm liking it so far. There's some fine work from Shimomura in this game, and it really meshes well with the game.

#3 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

I am really enjoying the soundtrack. It's so JRPG, which is all I need.

#4 Posted by Ducksworth (671 posts) -

It's good but none of the tracks (aside from maybe a few seconds of the main theme) have gotten into my head yet.

#5 Posted by gla55jAw (2774 posts) -

It's OK so far, but nothing has stood out to me yet.

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I love the soundtrack so far.  Some of the songs get a little repetitive after a while since you're in the same area for a really long time especially if you're messing around with the sidequests.  But I think its top-notch.

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The soundtrack's impressive, considering every region has a track for both day and night. My personal favorites are those that show up once you reach the Mechonis. The regular battle music and the first area especially. I also like this one, though you only hear it once throughout the entire game.

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I'm really enjoying it so far. I REALLY love the Satorl Marsh Night time theme, so beautiful.

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#10 Posted by buzz_clik (7343 posts) -

I loved the music I heard on the Quick Look, and listening to that was a significant part of my sudden desire to purchase the game.

#11 Posted by kurtbro900 (118 posts) -

It's great video game music. Which is what it should be.

#12 Posted by chronicsmoke (1032 posts) -

Im enjoying it alot so far.Its typical JRPG fare wich I like

#13 Posted by Modedude (38 posts) -

What's nice about the music is that it has a consistant feel to it, but because it's a team of people working on the soundtrack, each track sounds different enough that each area feels kinda fresh to go to. Final boss theme is probably one of the best battle themes I've heard recently, song title is full of spoiler though, so won't post, and it's best hearing it in context really, all good videogame music is best heard in context.

#14 Posted by BonOrbitz (2417 posts) -

@Ezakael said:

I'm really enjoying it so far. I REALLY love the Satorl Marsh Night time theme, so beautiful.

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I just got to that area; very beautiful indeed. What is being sung exactly?

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