When does this become fun? I'll tell you where I'm at.

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I'm currently on the Leone Telethia boss. Now, the game is fine so far I suppose, but it definitely hasn't been grabbing me and I haven't been especially enjoying myself. Does it pick up significantly at some point, or should I call in that this just isn't for me?

As of this post I actually haven't played for a few months. I just wanna know if it's worth continuing for someone who hasn't really liked it so far.

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Probably not. If the characters, combat and exploration haven't appealed to you yet, I can't foresee see any of them endearing themselves to you in the future. They're pretty much what the whole game is about. There are some wild, though thoroughly anime-cliche, story twists towards the end of the game.

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There's a pretty big plot twist coming up. I'll just say that.

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@Video_Game_King: Yeah, but if you don't see it coming, I feel you're willfully ignorant.
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I actually remember seeing it coming, but tossing it the hell out for being too stupid. Trust me: it's still pretty easy to be surprised by it.

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