Xenoblade Chronicles: Vote on Alternative Cover (EU)

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#1 Edited by Contro (2346 posts) -
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#2 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -
 The favourite choice has been flicking between 1 & 2.
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#3 Posted by Random88 (294 posts) -

I voted for number 2

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#4 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -

Good choice, the first everyone's voting for looks too similar to the normal cover (character in place of the Xenoblade embedded in grass).

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#5 Posted by mutha3 (5043 posts) -

Cover 4 is fucking hideous.

The one with the anime dude.

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#6 Posted by Icemael (6828 posts) -

I voted for 2. 4 is horrible, and I feel both 1 and 3, while okay, aren't even as good as the regular cover.

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#7 Posted by JackSukeru (6438 posts) -

I voted for 2. Kinda liked 1 but I agree with Icemael that it doesn't look as good as the original cover, so I'd rather go for the artwork cover.

Also, who the heck would vote for 4?
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#8 Posted by Axersia (1742 posts) -

I voted 4 just to spite everyone.

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#9 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -

This one won: 

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#10 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -

It looks like were getting the one's that lost, as posters, in the UK at least, the German bundle doesn't list posters, but Game and GameStation in the UK  will have bundles with signed posters included. 

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