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Monolith Soft's magnum opus is a fitting last hurrah for the Wii. 0

As Monolith Software's Wii opus approaches its North American release date, I figured something should be put up here on Giant Bomb to help advise those who are still on the fence about this game. Specifically, the ones pondering the purchase of a Wii to play it on. I could quite easily recommend the purchase of a Wii, either now or when they become even cheaper after the imminent advent of the Wii-U, due to a quite well-hidden library of distinctively unusual yet wholly entertaining exclusives....

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Stranger in a Strange Land - Xenoblade Chronicles is Glorious 0

‘Xenos' is a Greek word meaning "stranger" or "alien", and it is true in the best sense that Xenoblade Chronicles is indeed a stranger in a strange land – sitting at the end of the Wii's diminishing software library quietly, patiently, full of potential wonder and awe. A series of games that sees itself spread out across the chasms of console generations Xenogears/Xenosaga/Xenoblade make their mark rarely, but they make it in their own time, in their own way, and always with eminence.Software o...

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A Bold Step Forward for the Modern JRPG 0

It should be no secret to anyone that the Japanese RPG has seen better days. Once upon a time, it was the genre of choice to deliver sweeping epics full deep characters, magical worlds, and riveting tales. Challenging mechanics, like random encounters and classic turn-based combat, were seen as sophisticated; fighting for the thinking man. But in a crowded, Western-dominated industry full of grand setpieces and increasingly cinematic gameplay, the 100-hour Japanese epic comes off as a ponderous ...

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Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) 0

How long does it take to tell a good story? In person? Maybe 5 minutes. In film? About 2 hours. A book? Let’s say 5-10 hours. Video games? No less than 50 hours. This means you could watch every major Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Lynch film before finishing one game. Sure, the standards for game stories have changed over time as shorter action titles have steered toward a cinematic style and runtime, but the progenitors of story-driven gaming, the Japanese role-playing game (...

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A beautiful game that every RPG fans should have a try 0

"When there's a half cup of water, how would you think about it? Half cup full? or half cup empty?" this line just pops out when I am writing this review, a question once asked by an old man.I have never expected that I would have the chance to play this game, until Operation Rainfall appeared. That was an unusual event in the gaming industry but I wish there will be more similar events in the future, especially after they gave me the chance to play Xenoblade Chronicles. Well done sir, for makin...

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