Coming to PSN soon maybe?

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Just saw this article over at IGN and thought it worth mentioning 

Looks like we finally get Xenogears here in the US as well as Vagrant Story which Im excited about.  Never got the chance to play Xenogears originally and have been waiting for this for a little while...just got a new memory card for my psp also, now we just need to know when these will be released

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I'm interested in Xenogears as well. Never got around to play it.

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I love me some Vagrant Story. Xenogears was decent but towards the end it felt like for every fight you had to go through 30 minutes of a story that was too convoluted for its own good.

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My memory of Xenogears = great beginning followed by extremely janky and horrible platforming sections with nasty random encounters that eventually cause me to lose any interest.

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Vagrant Story is the greatest game ever made. 
Xenogears is something a lot of people hold dear, so that's cool and all... 
...but VAGRANT STORY!!!  Now I can FINALLY buy a PS3!!!

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loved loved LOVED Xenogears.... I would love to see them do it right and give them time to update the end of the game. (as i recall they ran out of time so thats why they made alot of it fei sitting there in the chair with the pendulum in the back telling you what happened instead of actually playing it)  Xenogears had a great story although SUPER complicated... I wanna say it was based off a novel?
how much notice do they give before psn releases? or is it just boom here you go!

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