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The RPG that Final Fatansy 7 was meant to Be 0

Xenogears is probably one of the best RPGs that I have played. Though sadly, I played the game almost a decade later. Reason why? It was because whenever I saw the game, I put off my purchase and got something else. It was a good thing that I wanted to play the game until I was more mature. Mentally mature that is. As for the game itself, it was one of those games that slowly sucked the players in. When I first played the demo, it was so cool that there were giant mechas in it. During that time,...

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Possibly the greatest RPG of all time 0

I consider myself an experienced RPG gamer, having traversed the fields and caverns of Final Fantasy V-XII as well as dozens of other J-RPG's, most notably the Chrono series and that recent masterpiece, Dragon Quest VIII.Above all else towers the original Xeno game for the PlayStation. Conceived as only a part of an ongoing saga (hence Xeno-saga on the PS2), Xenogears is a unique game that knows no equal. In fact, its later installments, the three episodes on the PlayStation 2, while undoubtedly...

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An extremely epic tale, with some unfinished systems 0

There are certain parts of Xenogears that are beyond anything I've seen (and still haven't) in a video game. But then there are a few things that drag the game down from being the perfect being, and that literally crushes my soul so hard that I cannot ever forgive Square-Enix for rushing this game. I say "ever" because I'm confident they are never going to come back to this franchise and do it right, and that is what is crushing; that I'll never get to experience the true Greatness that this gam...

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great game, but only for the hardest of the hard core 0

With storytelling reminiscent of The Watchmen, and...  OK--I'll stop right there.  The Watchmen?  Really?  Look, I'm among the first guys to call Cloud emo, Tidus gay, and Advent Children ridiculous, but hear me out: Xenogears is one of those few games you can really nerd out on.  I've heard a rumor, but haven't actually seen it, that the game's main bad guy actually has pseudocode written for him in a companion book to the story arc.  Pseudocode is sort of a flowchart that maps out how a progra...

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An amazing RPG 0

I'll admit that a good story can often have me condone an otherwise lousy gameplay experience. I think the same can be said for many an rpg fan. If you're captivated by the plot and its coterie, sometimes that's all you need to keep progressing from one mindless dungeon to the next. Xenogears has one of the most convoluted and tediously unveiling stories in a video game. It also has the gameplay to make it one of the most satisfying experiences in an rpg. Combine that with a cosmic score and you...

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Still one of the finiest jrpgs to ever hit these shores. 0

There are -many- gamers, I imagine who might flame me for this, but it could well be argued that the Xenogears storyline, and concept is better than any Final Fantasy game to come down the pipe in years. Now before you go nuclear, don't get me wrong. I love Final Fantasy and own five installments of the series myself. They are classics all, but Xenogears is so sprawling, encompassing, and thought provoking, it eclipses most all other ps1 rpgs ever released. In my admittedly biased opinion only t...

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