dantekiller's Xenosaga: Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht (PlayStation 2) review

Love Xenosaga

Man i love Xenosaga, originally meant to be a 6 episode game but cut to 3 is sad to say that the game ended so quickly, the RPG elements are classic and nothing new is seen but the story is a good one and a grate game to play 40 plus hour of joy to any that will open there hearts to this game. 


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    Days of a Thong Wearing Robot 0

    The Ultimate fighting force against a hostile alien race is a... Thong wearing robot, and soap opera actors?Xenosaga is epic. There is a huge roster of colorful characters joining you on your quest. Vast amounts of plot and subplots, and combat which is deep and complex. Xenosaga is so epic in fact that it is hard not to become completely lost and overwhelmed by the entire experience.As with most RPGs, the story is the clear focus of Xenosaga. This tale of intergalactic woe starts off interestin...

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    Not For Everyone, But Amazing None The Less. 0

    Xenosaga Episode I is sort of a spiritual successor and prequel to Xenogears, which debuted on the Playstation 1 back in 1998. If you remember Xenogears, you know it was a Squaresoft title, and Xenosaga is brough to us via Namco. The reason for this is the creators of Xenogears left Square in 1998, after the Xenogears project was completed, in order to make their own company so they could carry out the Xenosaga Project. Xenosaga consists of six episodes, the first four of which are everything le...

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