potzergaeren's Xenosaga: Episode III - Also Sprach Zarathustra (PlayStation 2) review

Best in series...a very short series.

Adam sessler, say what you will. Xenosaga's culmination was slow coming, and with good reason. everything we needed to see, everything to clean up the entirety of the majestic storyline had to be worked out. and dabnabbit namco nailed it. i was terrified this was going to blow. i could not be more relieved.

how good is it? any rpg'er will tell you a game that makes them forget to eat and sleep is a game worth losing yourself in. i went a week with a ttl of 6 hrs of sleep? sumthin like that. and it's yet another discount title which is always good news.

now to the guts. the combat engine has changed. mano a mano works similarly to past installments, though (thank god) they tossed the zone idea from xeno two. the skill tree is very straight forward and yet demanding in it's own way. as per usual the special attacks are the strength with erde kaiser also making a triumphant return. however the combat was turned into mana from heaven when it comes to e.s. mech combat. it is soooo much better. my major gripe from past installments is it just wasn't as cool as the gear combat from it's spiritual predecessor xenogears. not this time. step aside weltall....dinah rueben and asher are going to spank you.

the story is indeed convoluted almost precluded by the addition of the largest tech/cultural database i've ever seen in a game. get used to it. the spirit of this ending dates back almost ten years....of course there will be some reading involved.

play xeno3 and you will be many things. yes exhausted is one of those things, but chiefly you will be satisfied and isn't that what we all really wanted in the end?
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