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Xktkez is an elusive demigod who is unknown to even some of the gods of pantheon.  Upon Norrath, he is mentioned a handful of times in books written by the scholars of the Academy of Arcane Sciences in Freeport.  Xktkez is rumored to have been involved in the creation of the evil eyes.  In the lore, he is depicted as a gigantic eye with no eyelids and maelstrom of shadows swirling within his pupil, which has the power to consume anything or anyone he wishes.  It is said that Xktkez came to Norrath during the Age of Creation, and slept beneath the surface for hundreds of years.  While he slept, a tear crept out himself creating the first evil eye spawning pit.  No known person has ever witnessed Xktkez's presence, and, as such, many do not believe he truly exists.    

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