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Yakuza 2: The Game Which Always Sticks to Its Cultural Guns 2

Let's get something important regarding Yakuza 2 out of the way immediately: if English is your native language, then this game was not designed for you. As the very title Yakuza 2 implies, the game is a very Japanese experience from start to finish. It may be a tale of gangster politics, but it is much more than a transplant of Japanese characters onto some Godfather copycat. The yakuza act and operate differently compared to their casa nostra counterparts and it shows in Yakuza 2 in spades. Ou...

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If Japan had made The Godfather... 1

Saturday evening. I was just relaxing, having a night about the town, minding my own business, when suddenly, in the middle of the most crowded street in Kamurocho, some guy walks up to me and demands an apology for my presence on "his turf". This gentleman has clearly mistaken me for someone else, but he is clearly not susceptible to reason. After all, who would choose to pick on a guy like Kazuma Kiryu, a man who has seen his fair share of battles and looks the part? Nonetheless, he and his fr...

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Great game with a diverse cast of characters and a complex story. 0

WOW, what an amazing story! Yakuza 2 improves upon everything I loved about the first game and then some. Graphics are improved with more detailed models, especially for the faces. Many characters look quite realistic and their facial animations are very life-like and subtle. The lip syncs are spot on as well. Considering how good they look in a PS2 game, it makes me wonder why other developers on the current gen systems can't achieve the same level as detail as this game. Graphics ain't perfec...

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Yakuza 2 0

 Yakuza 2 is as direct a sequel you can make to a video game.  There are a few alterations and additions, but you spend over half the game in the same area you spent the first, the combat system is roughly the same, the graphics are mildly improved at best, and the story spends a lot of time dealing with the consequences of the first game.  It still shares a lot of the same flaws as before, like a failure to gracefully increase the difficulty as it goes on and several small, odd hiccups in the p...

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