I want my GF to watch me play this...

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My girlfriend loves her some Facebook games and very little else. I managed to convince her to play through Uncharted 2 and she loved it. She almost made it through Assasins Creed II before Farmville beckoned her call again. So, to my surprise she wanted to pre-order FFXIII because she really likes Japanese stuff and she thought she might enjoy that as well. 
From what I have seen of Yakuza 3 from demos and the quick look of the demo she might really enjoy this one because it IS Japan. 
She is not really into watching me play a brawler. I thought she would enjoy the more non-beatng-up type stuff like the mini-games, the japanese stores, and the hostess club. I know some things got cut out of te US version, so I am wondering if there is still enough in here that might get her to watch or, heaven willing, get her to play this one? Or is it now just mainly a brawler with the cutting of the other stuff?

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Yakuza is probably a boring ass game to watch sense it doesn't offer full-voice overs.

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Yeah, she lost interest while I was playing the demo during the fight in the club scene. I was quickly trying to find the karaoke club, but could not do it fast enough.

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The game is mainly a brawler so she would not like it.

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Why does it matter if your girlfriend plays or enjoys video games?

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@JokerSmilez: Ummmm, it's kind of like when a girl asks you, "do you want to come watch Twilight with me?" You don't want to and you say in a very crappy tone, "fine." 
It would have made her more happy if you were excited about going to see it too. She probably knows you do not want to go watch it, but she wants to share the things she enjoys with you and so you would like her to reciprocate and enjoy the same things you enjoy. 
But, you knew that right? Right? ohhhh... hmmmm....
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I'd rather a GF that doesn't force the things she knows I don't like down my throat, and I don't expect her to like things just because I like them.
I find my relationships go better when we're both not spending all our time pretending to enjoy things for each other's benefit. It a waste of both our times if we're not being straight with each other and pretending to be excited for things like Twilight (or video games). In the long run, you end up just resenting each other and longing for someone who's honest about their interests.
Maybe this isn't a good example, but it's like getting a blow job from a girl who doesn't really enjoy giving blow jobs. While you appreciate the effort, it's just not the same if there's no genuine enthusiasm.

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@Valames: My girlfriend watched me play through Mass Effect 2 after she heard some of the soundtrack, I let her pick all the dialogue options. She wanted to watch me play though i didn't ask her or tell her. If she is interested she will just watch don't force it.
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@zombie2011: Cool story bro, you're really really really right!
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@JokerSmilez: No, I understand. I don't force her to watch, I would just like her to. And to add to your comment, the former example was good the second was bad. A BJ is a BJ.  =D
@zombie2011: I agree, it just makes it easier to buy new games when she likes them too, lol.
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I'm actually pretty surprised that someone who was into little more than Facebook games took so quickly to games like Uncharted 2 and Assassin's Creed II, but good for her. I haven't played Yakuza 3 myself but from what I've read I'm not sure there's going to be enough non-brawler gameplay in there to keep your girlfriend interested. I'm sure there are plenty of other Japanese-themed games she might enjoy though.

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@Valames said:

" @JokerSmilez: A BJ is a BJ.  =D

I disagree. There is definitely a difference between a BJ with enthusiasm and a BJ because she knows you want one (ie, a chore). A big difference.
In summation: 
A BJ volunteered > a BJ asked for.
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Why don't you two have sex instead?

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The start of the game might be interesting, as it's a lot about the life of Kazuma and the kids at the orphanage, and solving all their problems. Practically no brawling whatsoever. The game's storyline will probably not be particularly interesting for her though. Maybe if it was the second game, that one was a bit more interesting. Also, a lot of the main storyline will only be good if you've played the other games in the series, cause some of the stuff pretty much requires you to see that to understand. 
Hostess clubs are totally gone, you can still go on dates with the girls though, but that might as well not be there. Mahjong and Shogi are gone. So, pretty much all the jap stuff is gone. The sidequest storylines are somewhat interesting though.  
But really, after all that, the main draw of the game is facestomping guys and bashing them against walls or stuff, she ain't gonna be interested if your description is anything to go by.
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that sounds weird somehow man

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If your girlfriend is trying to take an interest in on your hobby, don't try and use that as a way to force her to watch video games. Let her choose what she wants to watch you play, unless she explicitly tells you that she wants to watch you play a game, but she can't think of any. Just take it slow. 
I would also say Yakuza 3 is a pretty terrible game for a girl to watch, even without the hostess bars.

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It's ok, she has been playing FFXIII for a few days now. She has about 15 hours into it. And... she told me she doesn't want to watch Yakuza after watching me play the demo. So I punched her and now I'm single. 
...I mean, I said ok, and that I love her, and we went on with our lives. 
I wasn't forcing her. I don't know how it came out that way. I just wanted her to watch it, and she doesn't. I just wanted to know if there was a lot of japanese culture in the game or if it was just a brawler in Japan. Thanks for all the comments. And for all those concerned, I believe our 4 year relationship will survive this trial.

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