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I have an idea for Japanese only games and games that get released in Japan and then take ages to come out over here, it's a user created Subtitle system. This would mean that companies such as SEGA wouldn't have to translate anything, just stick a  screen at the start of the game saying "SEGA is not responsible for the translation process of this game, some of the translation may be incorrect."

So, the idea is this, a system where the game lets you select a user created subtitled game, so if someone spoke both English and Japanese they could go through the game translating the text. This may sound bonkers, but I honestly think if done right it would work… for instance, each line of texts needs to be translated but someone doesn’t have to sit down and do it all at once.   It would be like Noby Noby Boy, in that game everyone is working together to reach new planets , only here, the overall goal would be working together to get the game translated .

So the first gamer does line 1, then, when gamer 2 goes to do it the game would say that line 1 has already been translated and the next line to be done is line 2 etc etc this would go on until the final line was translated, at which point someone who only speaks English could start the game with a completely translated Yakuza game!

I think this would be possible, I guess a problem may be verification but you could add in a system where other users can read through translated lines and flag them as incorrect, if a line got flagged enough it would have to be resubmitted. You may think this is mad and wouldn’t get used, but there are people on Youtube right now who are translating all the cut scenes from the Yakuza and Kenzan games with English Subtitles, so people would do it I know it.

This would be like a universal system once created, so for instance, SEGA would make the system and then just stick it into Yakuza 5, Kenzan etc etc and all they  would have to do is have an option in the main menu for user created Subtitles.
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i assume this system would be abused constantly with profanities unrelated to anything in the dialogue. 

#3 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Yeah...not gonna work.

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Not sure it would work. Either it would be abused or no one would do it.

#5 Posted by AgentofChaos (1575 posts) -

You're forgetting that people are assholes.

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Actually, I think the OP's idea is a good one. Look at wikipedia .. or even the GB wiki's. It's free to edit .. but the community makes sures that incorrect entries are flagged. If the moderation process is efficient, I think it could work. Most people looking to grief would be flagged out .. and just like wikipedia, after the intial assault of trolls, only serious posters would bother using the technology to add more content.

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lol, guess so, oh well, was good while it lasted! This system could still be done, imagine playing games with user created subtitles then where the person who wrote it changes all the words to funny stuff! Be like them Hitler videos where he has red ring of death/ ps3 died etc This could be comedy gold in games! :) 

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