Yea Its Awesome..

Posted by Dion720 (172 posts) -

Yea he kicks ass =)

#1 Posted by Dion720 (172 posts) -

Yea he kicks ass =)

#2 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

that game looks so incredibly boring.

#3 Posted by Dion720 (172 posts) -
@Ryax: u should give it a shot tho
#4 Posted by Shirogane (3595 posts) -
If what you've seen of it from the quicklooks isn't your thing, you probably won't like it. 
And yeah, the game is awesome, Heat moves are insane sometimes. 
Also, the fact that after 20 hours, finishing the main storyline, my completion percentage totally blew my mind. 
#5 Posted by RedBullRacer (87 posts) -

I'm 18hrs in and only on 10% too, been doing loads of sidequests and minigames...I'm finding the story to be awesome too, I've just arrived back in Tokyo so I don't think I'm that far in. The revelations videos are so funny, this game is really nuts and crazy. I love Japanese stuff, so if you like crazy Japanese stuff I think you will love it.

#6 Posted by Dion720 (172 posts) -

Redbull and Shiro pretty much nailed it  =)

#7 Posted by Skytylz (4072 posts) -

20 hrs = 10%  so about  200 hrs=100% that's a good buy.

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