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As you may already know, Toshihiro Nagoshi's been giving a few hints about the possibility of a Yakuza 4 demo on his blog in recent weeks, well today Sega announced that a demo will hit PSN in Japan on March 5th

 Players will be able to play two sequences:  Story Mode and 4-Type Battle Mode.  
  • Battle mode offers a set of battles using the game's four main characters. Players will be able to see how the characters differ.   
  • Story mode gives you control of Shun Akiyama, the first character you control in the game proper. You'll be able to try out the beginning of his story.

Those wanting to try out some of Yakuza 4's side games will be able to do so in the story part of the demo. This part will include karaoke, game centre and the hostess club sequences. Additionally, you'll be able to head to an Onsen (- natural spring) to play ping pong with a hostess. I can't imagine why ^^... Sadly, the awesome looking boxing sections will not be included in the demo : (  
Yakuza 4 will have something called, "Kakutouka wo Tsukurou!" , which translates loosely to "Let's Make Make a Fighter!", a name play on Sega's Japanese "Let's Make a XXX" sports series. 
The goal of this side game is to train your fighter to win a "Newcomers Tournament" which is held in the game's underground fighting dojo. You can create a practice menu and can also assign direct training exercises to your student. Your responsibilities will extend beyond the ring also, because you'll need to go drinking with your fighters in order to strengthen your bond with them. If you manage to make your fighter rise to the top of the championships, you'll be able to team up with him in the underground battle arena for some tag team action.
He looks like he could sink a fair few...

Yakuza 4 hits Japanese stores on March 18th.
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What the hell... they get the next game in the franchise at the same time we're getting the old one?! Boloney!

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@xyzygy said:
" What the hell... they get the next game in the franchise at the same time we're getting the old one?! Boloney! "
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this is up on the japanese psn by the way, 1833mb

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d/ed the demo from the Japan store.  I like what I see even if I don't understand a word they are saying.  Unlike the US Yazuka 3 demo....from what I played of Yakuza 4, there is no text boxes.  All the dialogue is spoken by the actors which is nice.  The combat felt a little better as well.  It didn't feel as loose to me as Yakuza 3 does.  The graphics looks a little better I think....the character's faces or eyes or something.  I'm still playing the demo right now but it's hard to understand what is going on if you don't speak Japanese, obviously.
I assume Yakuza 3 won't sell well here in the US with the competition being the new Final Fantasy game (I have no interest in it) and God of War 3 coming out the next week.  Which probably means we won't be seeing Yakuza 4 in the US, right?  Shame, puts a damper on me wanting to buy Yakuza 3.
The cutscenes are long as fuck...(which is why I'm commenting here while I wait for this 10+ minute cutscene to stop...you can't skip it)

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...and now I just took a bath with some hooker I met on the street because I didn't know what I was doing.  And then we played ping pong...
oh wow...and there is a button solely to zoom in on her breasts as they swing when she hits the ping pong ball.  And her shirt opens up more and more as you start to win.

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LOL handlas, yeah, I played this demo last night as well...it's so funny playing that Ping Pong game, didn't have a clue what was going on but I managed to go to the hostess bar and dress her up and do all the things I wanted to do. The visuals looked really nice, the water on the pavement was really good, but that ping pong game was so funny! I hope we get Yakuza 4 over here in English one day, if not I'd probably import it and just enjoy whatever I could.

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I'm very confident Sega will release it over here officially. I have a copy winging itself over to me now :P 
The list of Yakuza 4 tie-ins continues to increase... (it's huge already)
Yakuza Booza  

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I wonder....
If Yakuza 3 sells well, and that's a very unlikely if, would they takeout a significant amount of content again?
I swear I should just learn Japanese and get over it.

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