Yakuza 5: Tokyo Highway Challenge Edition.

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I were unsure if i should have posted this in the other Yakuza 5 thread i made a while back or not. But it's not like this part of the forum is overflowing with new topics anyway.

So, some new info on Yakuza 5 have surfaced and it's pretty cool. Racing on the highways of Japan in Kiryu's Customizable taxi (also, safe driving simulator? sounds interesting) or hunting deer in the wilderness with Saejima. Also it seems that Haruka will stick to singing, dancing and doing interviews rather than breaking bones and crushing skulls. Which is a shame, it would be interesting to see what they did with her if she were to fight.

I just really want this to get translated. Sega, don't dissapoint!

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That sounds pretty neat. Its about time they started to shake up the series a bit more. Its uh... interesting they are bothering putting Haruka in the game as playable if her section is goin to be nothing but a idol simulator. I mean...I can SEE why that would sell in japan but theres already dozens of games covering that territory.

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This looks great. Seriously. Everything I see about Yak 5 looks just great.

They wanna put Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero in my Yakuza game? Awesome.

I just wonder what Shin Akiyama's side story will be.

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@Demoskinos: If you read the article carefully, you will note that these are side-stories, not part of the main game. So, Haruka may not just be doing the idol stuff all the time, that's just a secondary part of her story.

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