I just bought Yakuza and Yakuza 2...

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For $40, used, cases and manuals included. Wise decision?
Sealed copies of Yakuza 2 seem to be selling for nutty prices on eBay ($40 and up), so I feel like I got somewhat of a bargain.
Do you think these two games are worth $20 a pop?

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a bargain at any price 
I like all the yakuza games

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yeah that's a good price for those games in my opinion. have you started playing it yet? what do you think of it so far?
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Probably won't start playing them until I get my Veteran trophies in BLOPS.
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I bought Yakuza but it didn't work

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Very good deal, I really enjoyed those. 
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Good deal. Just don't let the voice acting in Yakuza 1 prevent you from enjoying the game.

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They're great games, and that's especially true if you're interested in the subject matter. If I may offer some advice, however, let me just say this: you'll collect all kinds of weapons and items in Yakuza. Do not hesitate to use that shit. These are some lengthy-ass games, and I realized much too late that there's no great reason to stockpile weapons. By the time I finished the first game, I had more knives, swords, guns, etc. than I could count. I could've had more fun and gained more experience (i.e. leveled up faster) if I'd been using these weapons throughout the game.

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found Yakuza 2 on my favourite videogamestore www.webhallen.com in Sweden. Sells for 19,45 USD. I don't know if i should buy it tho. I have Yakuza 3 and have pre-ordered Yakuza 4.
Im tempted tho. But also i need to buy Gears of War 2 that's on sale for almost the same price. But ofcourse i could by both ^^

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