Which is better?

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I know this is in the wrong topic forum, but I figured I'd get more answers here faster.

Which of the Yakuza games is better. 3 or 4?

I've been told just to start from game one but I don't have a ps2 anymore, but these games look right up my ally.

Mainly which one has better story, gameplay, content. Ect. I don't really care if one has more bugs or small annoyances in camera.

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Haven't played 4, but I picked up 3 on a whim and am loving it. It's kind of clunky, but it's really ambitious, the story is great and it has great atmosphere. Definitely recommend it. Can't imagine their very expensive now, anyway

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4 was a ton of fun, coming from someone who hadn't played any prior Yakuza games. Kinda clunky but still quite fun.

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I picked up 3 recently. Decided I would start there and then go to 4. 3 has a recap of what happens story wise in 1 and 2 so while I never got to play those (which really comes down to time more than anything else) I still have enough of an idea with what is going on that I don't feel lost playing 3. I'd stay start with 3 if you can.

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I think that Yakuza 3 has a better story, but Yakuza 4 has better gameplay and content.

They are both pretty much the same in terms of gameplay. The main difference is that most of the "Japanese" things cut from 3 are in 4. So you can go to hostess clubs and such in 4 , but not 3.

If you haven't played the previous games they're easy enough to understand. Howeverm if you actually want to know what happened in the previous games there are handy videos available from the main menu you can watch for a recap.

I guess I'd recommend playing 3 first and then moving on to 4.

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4 has more characters and in this one the american version was not cut of the sidequests like in 3.

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4 is better.

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You're better off starting with 3, quite a lot of enjoyment in 4 comes from having played 3.

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If you can -- and I don't see why not -- start with 3 and go on to 4. They're both the same quality of game besides minor differences.

I've played all four, and I got burned out once 4 came along. I don't know, there's still so many things wrong and dated with the franchise, to a point where I'm not looking forward to any future installments. The first two on the PS2 were the better experiences, in my opinion, but again, I wasn't burnt out then like I am now.

In 4, playing four different characters was a neat idea at first, and I usually enjoy playing someone new, but I just wanted to play as Kazuma since his moves were better.

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If Yakuza 3 and 4 doesn't have something on this level then what's the point.

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Also I think one of the characters is Nolan North.

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