Yakuza 3 Import?

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Gamespot have detailed the game in a episode of Import Friendly. Yakuza 3 might be a quick fix for the lack of a new Shenmue game, for some people. I think It looks cool enough, it clearly has the Shenmue look and feel to it.


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Oh my, I just clicked this thread and was confronted with Cameltoe.

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@Claude said:
" Oh my, I just clicked this thread and was confronted with Cameltoe. "
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I liked the first two well enough.  If they don't bring this one to the States, I'll eventually import it.  I downloaded the demo, and it was pretty fun... but like the video said, not being able to understand the story kind of sucks some of the fun out of it.  Without it, you're just kind of wandering around looking for fights to get into, and hoping you're going in the right direction.

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@Claude: lol yeah that caught me offgaurd as well.
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When did they make this video?  Ryu ga Gotoku 3 came out quite a while ago now.  Game is pretty cool, I imported it day one.

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