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Yami's Japanese name, Tokoyami no Sumeragi, translates into "Emperor of Everlasting Darkness". Yami is the ruler of all darkness, and enemy of the sun-goddess Amaterasu. Yami hides in the Ark of Yamato, and poses as the final boss. Amaterasu encounters Yami during the Day of Darkness, when the solar eclipse weakens her. Her 13 brush techniques are stolen by the Dark Lord, and she must retrieve them over the course of the battle. Yami's spherical body constantly changes in many ways such as parting into slices, transforming into a slot machine and growing limbs. The Lord's true from is a floating sphere with a hand, resembling the Super Smash Bros. games' Master Hand. The only way to damage Yami is to expose his fragile core and hit it for massive damage.

Yami's Five Forms in Okami

First Form
Yami's first form uses circular saws and hammers that unfold from his sphere. His hammers, as well as when he slams the ground, break holes in the battle area that Amaterasu can fall through and receive damage. He can also launch homing missiles in pairs.
Second Form
His second form splits into disks that can move independently or together in a wave motion. The major danger is that his sphere catches fire as he tries to ram Amaterasu and bombs the area with fireballs.
Third Form
Yami's third form becomes a slot machine. Amaterasu has to use Power Slash to stop the reels. Depending on the combination, he can launch fireballs, icicles, lightning, glowing projectiles or power ups like solar energy and ink. If Amaterasu stops all three reels on Yami's emblem, he will give up a brush power or spit out his core.
Fourth Form
His fourth form is heavily armed and armored. This time his sphere sprouts legs and two whip-like arms made of electricity. He can also fire a large beam weapon, launch a hail of missiles, and fly through the air to perform bombing runs. One of his attacks mimics Ninetails in the way his arms turn into swords that he holds high in the air before launching a wave of electricity.
Yami's True Form
Yami's final form uses many attacks from his previous four phases. He constantly launches missiles, uses his palm to fire a sweeping laser beam, and tries to crash into Amaterasu like a meteor. Some new attacks this form has involve creating tornadoes that roll across the battle area and blocking out all light in order to reduce Amaterasu's ink to zero.

Other Appearances

Yami makes appearances in both Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars as the final opponent, with three forms.

First Form: A basic sphere with a hatch that opens to attack with either a large hammer or buzz saw. It can also hop, and extend an energy field that steals life energy from the player's character, restoring its own.

Second Form: Yami grows long, whip-like arms and short legs. It's also capable of launching fire and may grab and throw the player's character in between whipping its arms at different angles.

Final Form: Identical in appearance to Yami's final form in Okami, it takes on the form of a large hand, pounding the ground, and swiping with attacks that generate whirlwinds. It may also grab the player's character and hold him or her for a moment before launching a stream of fire that deals huge amount of damage. The only way to evade the fire if caught is to perform a Mega Crash to escape the grapple.

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