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Yar is the eponymous character of Yar's Revenge, a re-imagining of the original Atari 2600 game. Unlike the original Yars, who were weaponized insects, Yar is a humanoid female with some insect qualities; these qualities include antennae, wings, and an extra pair of arms. She is a fierce warrior who hates retreat and seems to thoroughly enjoy wiping out her enemies. 
She spends the first two missions working with the Qotile as they wage war against the Ankine. The Qotile plan to use the Zorlon Cannon to destroy the Ankine Queen, but Yar insists on fighting her head-on. The Zorlon Cannon is used anyway, and Yar is thought to have been killed.
However, she later awakes at the Bar-Yargler's dwelling. He reveals to Yar that she is the member of a race known as "Yars," that most of the Yars were killed in a war with the Qotile, and that the remaining Yars, herself included, were brainwashed into serving the Qotile. The Bar-Yargler then provides Yar with a new suit of armor, and she spends the rest of the game fighting the Qotile. 
After defeating Queen Raktamalina in the game's final battle, Yar is tasked with freeing and leading the rest of her species, essentially becoming the new queen of the Yars.

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