Are there any other XBLA games that have been "de-listed"?

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Jeff and Ryan referenced playing Yaris on the last bombcast, which got me thinking. Well, not about attempting to play the game. Luckily I purchased my Xbox 360 quite a few months after this game was removed from XBLA, so I didn't have a chance to "experience the magic", but I remembered a story from about a year and a half ago that came from Microsoft. They had mentioned that games whose sales/community was considered sparse & whose Metacritic score was not up to par, were to be given a six-month window or something, lest they be removed from XBLA.
But the only game that I can think of that fits this description is, well Yaris. Do you guys know if anything other games got the boot?

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According to this list, other delisted games include Double Dragon, EA's 2009 NFL fantasy football/draft tracking games, Lost Cities*, and Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe. 
Quite the motley crew.
* (According to GB's wiki page on Lost Cities, it was removed due to licensing issues following the Activision Blizzard merge.)

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That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you good sir!

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