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Twisted Metal: Black

Name: Charlie Kane and Son

Bio: Charlie's son was like most normal boys. He brought home good grades, was respectful to everyone he all around well-mannered child. It was his older brother that the rest of the neighborhood talked about, though - the really bad Kane child. Everyone knew about him. But even the terror that he brought could not disturb the close relationship of Charlie and his younger son. They were the joy and light in each other's eyes. Nothing could separate them...not even death.

Vehicle: Yellow Jacket is the taxicab that Charlie drove almost every day. It is also the same taxicab that he was murdered in. For the Special Attack, eight explosive-tipped spikes protrude from all sides of Yellow Jacket. Either press the fire weapon button to launch the sharp spikes or ram an opponent to drive them deep into the metal, causing even more damage. To experience the special attack's true power, try "Turbo" ramming your opponents with the spikes exposed.

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