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The Yellow Turban Rebellion was a peasant revolt that took place in China in 184 A.D.  It was instigated by a Taoist sect known as the Way of Peace, led by Zhang Jiao.  At a time when the Han Dynasty was growing weak internally and bearing heavy tax burdens on the people, Zhang Jiao organized a revolt intended to topple the government.

Word of the rebellion leaked before preparations were complete, allowing the Han government to organize a quick response.  The Yellow Turbans were thus forced to begin their revolution earlier than anticipated.  The initial uprising was quelled in 185, though remnants of the movement would continue to rise up across China over the next decade.

In Video Games

As an event chronicled in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Yellow Turban Rebellion is often used as a scenario backdrop for a number of games based on or inspired by the text, including the titular strategy game series.  In the Dynasty Warriors series, the Yellow Turban Rebellion is commonly depicted as a stage or stages at the beginning of a character or faction's storyline.

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