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Yerema first appears when the four characters are escorting the Shaman of the village to find the burial ground. The Shaman raises his staff and attempts to kill Yerema, calling her a 'bad spirit'. Purna quickly comes to the rescue of defenseless Yerema, and shoots the Shaman. Killing him instantly.

After the escort to the laboratory, Yerema is left with Dr West for experimentation and hopes that she can help discover the antidote. While at the lab, Yerema notes that Dr. West was taking to much of her blood and she feared she would eventually die from blood loss. West became aggressive, and Yerema eventually locked herself in a testing cage in the lab. During this process she also let loose all of the infected being researched on at the laboratory. They would eventually take over the lab. Yerema is then rescued from her locked cage by the characters.


Yerema is one of only 6 people to make it off of the island of Banoi, the others being the main 4 characters and Kevin, the helicopter pilot.

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