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Benny disabled a Securitron with a pulse grenade and the had a member of the Followers of the  Apocalypse reprogram the securitron. Yes-Man was programed to listen and comply with anyone's request.  The Courier first encounters Yes-Man when investigating Benny's room in the Tops.  Once Benny flees the Tops Yes-Man can be found outside of the Tops.  If the courier follows Yes-Man's Wild Card quest, Yes-Man will have the courier eliminate Mr. House and upload his AI into the Lucky 38 computer system, enabling Yes-Man to take control of Houses army of Securitrons.  These securitrons will then aid the Courier during the assault on the Fort.
He is voiced by Kid in the Hall member Dave Foley.

Quests involving Yes-Man  

  • Wild Card - Change in Management
  • Wild Card - Side Bets
  • Wild Card - You and What Army
  • Ring-a-Ding-Ding
  • No Gods, No Masters

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