The Makers of Runaway, The Next Big Thing and Yesterday Want You!

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... to support their new project! The project is a new point 'n click adventure game called Day One. Another game from Pendulo with a title that makes it almost impossible to find on google! Here's an introduction trailer of the game:

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You can support the game and get various rewards for your support on Gamesplanet Labs, a new crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter:

The rewards include DRM-free digital and physical copies of the game on PC and Mac, the soundtarck, beta access, an art book.. etc. They have a number of payment options including PayPal.

I'm a big fan of Pendulo Studio and point 'n click adventure games in general, and I really hope this project ends up being a success and gets fully funded.

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this is not going to well for them.

Was Yesterday that much of a failure sales wise that they wont get to make another mature and weird game through a publisher?

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