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Yggdra Union Review 0

Yggdra Union is a turn-base strategy RPG for the PSP. You'll be slowly gaining an army to face an evil army that has taken over your country, but on the way you're going to have to discover what is going wrong in other places.The graphics are your standard affair for the PSP. The different models used in this 2-D game look good, a bit cartoony, but for the game it looks good. the actual terrain in the game bothers me. They look like NES graphics. Also it is so hard to figure out if you are stand...

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Nice Strategy RPG flavor for the PSP 0

    Yggdra Union was a solid GBA game and it holds up well on the PSP. The story is far from unique but the battle system is deep enough to keep the game interesting and challenging to play. This allows the battles to provide a good flow to the game and also trickles in the story so you are stuck reading blocks of text.    There isn't much to say about the game. It is far from exceptional, but it is a much needed addition to the PSP library. It is challenging and engaging and well worth checking...

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