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Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 is a fighting game made by Konami for the MSX, and ported to other platforms by Imagine Software. It features a new protagonist, Lee Young, fighting his way through 8 levels. In addition, the game also has a two player competitive mode, where the second player can play one of the 3 first opponents in a 1v1 match.


Twenty years after the defeat of the Chop Suey Gang by Lee, one of their members reemerges with seven other warlords and proclaims himself the Yie Gah Emperor. Trained in the art of Kung Fu by his father, Lee's son, Lee Young, sets out to defeat this new menace and save China from their evil influence.


The game is set up like a simple fighting game, the main character can move horizontally, duck, punch, do a low kick, and a jump kick. Deviating from the fighting game formula however, it features levels with four screens, and the player has to progress through the first three defeating or avoiding minions before facing the main enemy and progressing to the next level.

There are two power-ups Lee can benefit from:

  • Oolong Tea Power will restore Lee's ki (health) when used. It is made by acquiring 5 tea leaves, which are gained each time Lee defeats a row of three minions. Lee can have up to 3 cups of tea with him.
  • Chow Mein Noodle Power gives Lee a few seconds of invincibility. It is hidden in the background in every scene, and can be found by attacking its location.


1Yen-PeiExtensible ponytailGarden
2Lan-FangButterfly fansGarden
3Po-ChinParalyzing fartsCave
4Wen-HuFlying MaskCave
6Mei-LingThrowing knivesTemple
8Li-JenLightning boltsBridge

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