Would You Listen To A Yoko Shimomura Opera?

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Sup Keyblade Masters, 
Been listening to the chick who does Kingdom Hearts music over the weekend, and I noticed she has done a lot of personal music that goes back to the same melody.  The Kingdom Hearts soundtrack (outside of the Disney stuff) has a lot of the same tones and beats that's found in the Versus XIII trailer, so I figure I give more of her stuff a listen.   
I found out her piano albums are pretty good too.   
For people who don't know, she is also the creator for the Street Fighter II music...so yeah, she's moved around a lot.  Square to Capcom to back to Square...and she's worked on every game that Tetsuya Nomura has directed, while also including Parasite Eve.   
I think my favorite song from her has to be Destati, from Kingdom Hearts.  It might be mostly due to the Tokyo Philharmonic being used for this piece but man it's good.  I feel like it sums up her entire style, like she has been wanting to do opera pieces her entire life.  Listening to Destati and then to the Versus XIII trailer, you can't help but feel like she's wasting her talents making video game music.  
Even if you listen to the secret trailers for all the Kingdom Heart games, it just feels like her talents are being wasted making music for games instead of proper pieces that would make even the devil cry.

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Yoko Shimomura's great! I didn't know she was working on Versus XIII... in that case, it might actually be worth picking up.  She has an incredible command of both rhythm and melody that comes together to create some amazing pieces of music.
I love the soundtrack of every game she's composed, but my favorite of all time has to be her work on SMRPG. The final dungeon music was incredible- it was in 13/8 or something-at least some kind of compound time. When I was in jazz band back in high school we were playing a tune called "Tribute to Miles"... I noticed one day during practice my buddy (on bass) started playing "Factory" underneath the middle section- I dunno how, but he made it line up. 
I haven't played any Kingdom Hearts games because, well... just the thought of a "Final Fantasy meets Disney"...just........no.  Oh yeah, back on topic lol, hell yes I would. 

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