YooStar2 Lets You Be Eddie Murphy

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#101 Posted by heatDrive88 (2358 posts) -

Hahaha, I love Jeff's Eddie Murphy impressions.
#102 Posted by elko84 (1084 posts) -

I need Ghostbusters scenes in this and I'm sold.

#103 Posted by DrBeardface (257 posts) -

Is there any news on release date/price?  I would LOVE to get a bunch of my friends together and take turns pairing up and doing scenes.  SO MUCH FUN TO BE HAD.
Please Quick Look this game!  I'd like to see the setup and game screens, etc.

#104 Posted by Psykhophear (939 posts) -


#105 Posted by Mago (130 posts) -

This seems absolutely ridiculous but in a way I can get behind.

#106 Posted by TepidShark (1060 posts) -
@s10129107 said:
" OMG that looks terrible.  I'd rather watch Beverly Hills Cop for the 234th time. "
What are you talking about? This looks awesome... ly bad.
#107 Posted by Chrion (28 posts) -

 The entire community is going to spend 99% of its time reporting and removing nudes

#108 Posted by koobz2142 (22 posts) -

that was awesome in so many ways

#109 Posted by Trifork89 (73 posts) -

Lol, that Worf impression was pretty damn good.
#110 Posted by mr_shoeless (386 posts) -

Jeff is excellent in this video.

#111 Posted by mr_shoeless (386 posts) -
@Olivaw said:
" How bad is it that I recognize the episode of Next Gen from that short clip?  And yeah, Jeff's Worf wasn't bad at all. He's got the voice for it more than most people. "
Not that bad, I immediately recognized it as well. Of course, I've seen every episode of Next Gen multiple times....Okay, maybe that is bad.  :-)
#112 Posted by PopBot (98 posts) -

That was awesome

#113 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

Jeff is a natural

#114 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

From now on Quick looks need more Jeff titties.

#115 Posted by melcene (3056 posts) -

I realize this is old news, but I've seen this game come up a couple times recently.  Is this the new thing to replace music games?

#116 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Whens this coming out?
#117 Posted by troidy (75 posts) -
@Hizang: Came out Tuesday. Costs $50 at the moment though which is a bit more then I want to pay.
#118 Posted by animathias (1190 posts) -
Actually, it just came out on the 8th. I'm mildly interested in it but would never play it (by) myself. Here's hoping for a Quick Look when the guys get back from PAX East.
#119 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I'm in the UK..
#120 Posted by animathias (1190 posts) -
#121 Posted by SuperSambo (2879 posts) -

It's out in the uk so it isn't early...

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