junior_ain's Kyatchi! Tatchi! Yosshī! (Nintendo DS) review

A very simple game that is perfectly skippable.

It's difficult to judge fairly a game made at the beginning of the DS lifespan like this one, well not really, but this one in particular actually, the biggest reason may be that the Nintendo DS strays too much away from everything we had seen on handhelds before, it has a wider field to explore in gaming and allows the possibility of new ways for games to be played, and this game can be seen as a demo of what the system could do, the innovation brought in playing video games and the Nintendo DS system itself, as it when exhibited in stores could attract possible consumers and all that since it's casual fun, easy and charismatic, with Yoshi and Baby Mario playing an important role on this, also pretty much accessible with anyone being able to at least try to play, and with the DS not staying too much on the field of classic video game console, even non-gamers would be interested.

As a game it is flawed, even more if judged by today standards with more and more games using better and better the touch screen, this is slow paced and gets boring easily, but could serve of a little fun, even though my recommendation is that there's way more better games out there.

You play in two different levels, in the Sky level and the Ground level, pretty straight forward, you'll first find yourself falling down from the sky, the Sky level, then after reaching the ground you'll play only there until the end, a very short game. The game consists on drawing cloud to advance, in Sky mode you draw the clouds while falling and change the direction of Baby Mario, you can also circle enemies and throw the coins they release to Baby Mario. In the Ground level you can ride through the lower screen drawing clouds to stay high in the air, kill enemies or trap them, you can also shoot eggs by just taping the screen on certain directions.

The touch screen itself responds quite well, hardly you'll try to make something and end up not achieving the desired results, maybe the whole circling enemies in sky mode is the toughest move to perform, but a circle is a circle, it won't always be perfect.

There's four types of game modes, Score Attack, Marathon, Time Attack and Challenge. In Score Attack you will play both courses once and see what sore you get, the more the best. In Marathon you face an non-stop marathon to see until where you can go before you die in the game or die in real life of boredom. Time Attack is a race against the clock, and Challenge is also a race against the clock, but if your time runs out you're dead.

It wasn't good even at the time, and time wasn't nice to Yoshi's Touch and Go, as far as time goes, much better games come and with it more motives of not picking this game up also come, maybe little children would benefit more with Yoshi Touch and Go, but I wouldn't put my on that.


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