Are you pro or anti Yoshi?

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#-49 Posted by Tearhead (2197 posts) -

I love Yoshi. Every time I think of him, his theme song from Super Mario World always plays in my head... There it goes again...

#-48 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

I'm not a fan of Yoshi.

#-47 Posted by Valestis (212 posts) -

I love Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, but I do not like Yoshi. He sounds annoying.

#-46 Posted by Xtrememuffinman (958 posts) -

I'm all up for some Yoshi, as long as it isn't Sunshine Yoshi.
But then again, who's up for Sunshine in general?

#-45 Posted by Spoonybard37 (300 posts) -

Eh Yoshi can be cool in small per portions.

#-44 Posted by drwrong (14 posts) -
#-43 Posted by Rockdalf (1293 posts) -

Pro Yoshi of course.  Anyone forgetting that this guy carried baby mario on his back for a whole damn game?!

#-42 Edited by Cubical (637 posts) -
@Dalai said:

" Gonna be honest, I'm normally not a fan of Yoshi in any form. I've always found him to be a bit awkward. I hated him in Smash Bros. (any of them) and he was just okay in Super Mario World. And after playing through some of the Yoshi stages in Galaxy 2, I realize I may never, ever understand why people love Yoshi.  So the question is simple. Fuck Yoshi or not fuck Yoshi? "

  I would totaly fuck a Yoshi..  Just have to wait for that nintnedo holodeck system like the one on star trek..we would have a great evening a little wine maybe some fruit.   I bet Yoshis have the most amazing   tongue action of all time.
#-41 Posted by Atlas (2457 posts) -

He was always my dawg in Mario Kart, so I'm Proshi.

#-40 Posted by CaptainObvious (3000 posts) -


#-39 Posted by dudeglove (8141 posts) -

I loved the game Yoshi's Island. Yoshi himself is... well, a bit annoying. It's kinda bizarre that he actually has a voice actor.

#-38 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -

Yoshi's Island hold childhood memories for me, I admit I didn't always like him in games, he sometimes sounded way too strange!
But overall, pro Yoshi! Lets ride our dinosaur to victory!

#-37 Posted by smudo (150 posts) -

I'm pro Yoshi, but anti new Yoshi sounds. I still prefer the SNES turntable-scratching-esque Yoshi noises. Hearing him straining to make those jumps in Yoshi's Story/Smash Bros kinda creeps me out.

#-36 Posted by zonerover (584 posts) -

Can I argue pro-choice? Most of the time you do choose to use him, right?

#-35 Posted by eroticfishcake (7787 posts) -

 Saves Lives
#-34 Posted by habster3 (3600 posts) -
@Coombs said:
" @Sweep said:
" Fuck Yoshi, i'm with Ryan. Yoshi embodies the beginning of the over-cute aesthetic of the Mario franchise. It's because of characters like Yoshi that videogames are still considered childish. His noises are fucking annoying as well.
Don't even get me started on Birdo.
Many people LOVE Birdo
Case in point.....


But Birdo was originally (in Japan) a boy who wanted to be a girl; ew... Anyway, I'm pro Yoshi, mainly because of his use in Super Mario World (1 and 2)
#-33 Posted by TooWalrus (13254 posts) -

I liked Yoshi until they gave him a tennis racket and made him walk upright. In Super Mario World, where he's hunched over and has tiny T-rex arms, he was awesome.

#-32 Posted by mubblegum (250 posts) -

Totally Proshi. 
Birdo disturbs me.
Yoshi is fun, useful, and cute. I want to kidnap him. I named my rabbit after Yoshi. Though she's a girl, so she has a bit of gender issues.

#-31 Posted by Milkman (17171 posts) -

He's pretty cool in Galaxy 2. But besides that, he's pretty awful across the board.

#-30 Posted by 8bit16bit64bit (11 posts) -

okay first is first. Yoshi is cool! i like him! he's fun ! (in some games I'll talk about that later) awesome powers! he's okay! but i was frustrated with Yoshi in super Mario galaxy 2. he's gets me frustrated a lot in the game.but i still like yoshi. but never NEVER talk to me about birdo! >:(  do you know how annoying birdo was in super mario bro.s 2? she's like in EVERY WORLD!!! she says the same things like "you're not getting away this time" in some retarded voice!!! >:0 i hate birdo!!!! so i guess i'm proyoshi

#-29 Posted by 8bit16bit64bit (11 posts) -

what is birdo? he or she or uh......... it?

#-28 Posted by PK_Koopa (583 posts) -

Proshi. I used him all the time in Kart and strikers. Mad Yoshi in strikers always makes me lol.

#-27 Posted by Jolt92 (1566 posts) -

Extremely pro.

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