Yoshi are born with shoes?

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Randomly, a friend asks this of me and I could not rightly think of an answer. The best I could come up with is that yoshi aren't wearing shoes but their feet just look like shoes.
And while I'm at it, what is the plural form of yoshi?

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some things you just don't question my friend

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I think the plural is spelt the same- but the pronunciation is different 
As in- yosh-ee = one 
Yosh-eye = plural? 
As for the shoes, i honestly have no idea

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They are born with a set of Nikes.

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Someone needs to ask Miyamoto about this one...

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Shoes on a newborn Yoshi
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Wow I've never noticed this all these years and I probably would have never noticed.. you just fucked my mind completely.

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i know this is totally wrong, but... mario was born with the hat.

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@m1k3 said:  
What on earth was mario and luigis mom keeping up there o_o
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You have rocked my world, Sir.

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Obviously not, that would be silly.
Mama Yoshis crack open eggs, place stretchable shoes on all the embryos and reseal the eggs to hatch at a later time.  You never actually saw a Yoshi giving birth to an egg containing another Yoshi right?  I thought not.

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@OmegaPirate: lol probably a knitting factory. child labor FTW... hahaha
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Trying to find anything resembling logic in anything Mario related is impossible, don't even try

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Plural is Yoshis.  But yes, they are born with shoes.

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Shoes are not something you are born with, it's something you gain.

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And you can't shoot fire by picking up a special kind of flower that changes the color scheme of your outfit. 
I mean, we got talking turtles. Talking mushroom people. Sentient bombs with personalities which wage war against eachother. Large homing bullets with faces that resemble sharks. Rocks that seem to take pleasure in crushing you. Hitting your head on a block gets you money. Apparently money spontaniously spawns every time you grab a flagpole, which then triggers the fireworks from the nearby fort/castle. Yellow capes that make you fly, in fact, Racoon tails have the same effect, but they attach to your ass and give you Racoon ears. Flying pirate ships which capture princesses. Battles in the stars to decide the fate of the Galaxy. Pictures you can jump into to enter whole new worlds. Ghosts which become incorporeal when you're facing them, but become corporeal when you're not facing them, and hats which give you the ability to change your shape, or give you abilities such as the power of flight, the full transformation into a metallic form, and more!
Honestly, I can keep going.
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It's clearly commentary on how animals are born nowadays only to serve humanity, or to be their "shoes" as it were. 

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They aren't born at all, they're hatched.

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@TooWalrus said:
" They aren't born at all, they're hatched. "
I see what you did there, whether it was on purpose or not.
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@RipTheVeins said:
" You have rocked my world, Sir. "
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Yes, Yoshi are born with shoes.
And in the Mario universe (in the Mushroom side, not the New York side), babies are born by stork deliveries.

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Of course they're born with shoes. How else are they gonna run around without hurting their feet? Silly question.

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This bothers me. 
I fucking want to see what yoshi feet look like but he never takes off the fucking boots. 
Even playing vollyball on the beach he never takes off the boots they pop out of the eggs with the boots. What is he hiding in those boots?!!?!?!?!?  Does he keep a nuke bomb in his boots like that terrorist shoe bomber ?  what is the deal I want to see the feet already nintendo!
Same goes for those koopa troopas.

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